Verge Aero wins a golden buzzer from, non other than, Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent: Extreme!
Verge Aero’s military-grade-manufactured drones were perfectly positioned high above the crowd to spell out the team’s 13-0 winning season and display their logo
In November 2020, Verge Aero and Strictly FX flew one of the biggest drone light shows in the world, President-Elect Biden's victory speech.
MrBeast flies uses Verge Aero X1 light show drones to spell out logos and text in the sky with Fireworks by Grucci
Verge Aero flyes a drone show for the Philadelphia Eagles for the start of the 2020 season.
Creator and executive producer Simon Cowell to judge Verge Aero’s performance alongside WWE superstar Nikki Bella and motocross and rally car driver Travis Pastrana.
iHeartMedia New York’s 106.7 LITE FM Flips to All Christmas Music with Stunning NYC Drone Light Show By Verge Aero
Verge Aero flies one of three drone shows on the 4th of July in Blue Ash, OH. This Independance Day light display incorperated drones and fireworks.
Verge Aero outlines how drone shows work, how much drone shows cost, and what makes Verge Aero drone light shows different than other drone show companies.
Innovation Nation calls on VergeAero to discover how aerial technology is transforming live entertainment events and celebrations.
Verge Aero flies the world's first music video featuing a swarm of drones performing along side an artist.
Verge Aero and Skylights flew 150 drones for FIG2019, delivering the country’s first ever drone light show!

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