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Full Service Drone Shows

We provide spectacular, custom drone shows together with our global network of certified drone show operators.

Drone Show Hardware

Verge Aero designs and manufactures its own light show drones and control technology to ensure maximum performance and safety.

Drone Show Software

Intuitive and powerful drone light show software makes designing shows quick and easy.

Common Drone Show Questions

The overwhelming interest in drone shows means that we get a lot of questions! Below is a list of FAQs to help everyone better understand drone show basics.

How do drone shows work?

Drone shows use hundreds–or even thousands–of synchronized, illuminated drones that create giant images hundreds of feet up in the air. Each drone is a 3D, independently positionable pixel, turning the sky into a giant canvas.

Verge Aero's platform manages the technical details so that designers can focus on their vision. Shows are created using Verge Aero's drone light show software which creates the flight paths for all the drones and validates that they are 100% safe to fly. Shows are wirelessly uploaded to the Verge Aero X1 light show drones which use enhanced GPS for extremely precise positioning–down to the centimeter. This means that one pilot can control hundreds of drones at the same time with the push of a button!

The Verge Aero Design Studio allows shows with thousands of drones to be programmed in a fraction of the time as other options.

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How much do drone shows cost?

Drone shows usually cost between US$50,000 to $200,000 for a customized, outdoor drone light show capable of flying complex 3D animations and logos. Because the technology is so new, drone light shows are still quite expensive, but prices are coming down over time as the technology matures.

The cost of a show is priced on a per drone basis ranging between $350 and $700 per drone, depending on a variety of factors such as show complexity, location, and planning timeline. Drone light displays for smaller events can be successfully flown with as few as 50 drones, resulting in a cost of $25,000 at $500 per drone. By comparison, an Intel® Drone Light Show using 300 of Intel’s Premium Drones costs $199,000 ($666 per premium drone). Intel’s classic drone package is less expensive, but does not perform as well as current technology like the Verge Aero X1 light show drone or the Intel Premium Drone.

How many drones do you need for a drone show?

100 to 150 drones is usually the minimum number of drones required for a show. Content drives the number of drones required. Because each drone is a pixel, complex shapes and long words need more drones than simple shapes and short words, for example. Successful shows have been performed with as few as 50 drones in more intimate settings while world records have been set with thousands of drones. For complex 3D animations Verge recommends a minimum number of 300 drones.

While some amazing drone light displays have been flown using thousands of drones at a time, most applications don’t need large numbers to make a big impact. Quality content delivers more impressive shows than setting a new Guinness World Record. Verge Aero has flown incredibly impactful shows in a variety of settings using under 200 drones.


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