Verge Aero X1 Light Show Drone outline

X1 Drone

Professional Workhorse for Drone Shows

The X1 drone has successfully flown in hundreds of high profile drones shows around the globe totalling in tens of thousands of flight hours. The X1 has proven itself as the go to drone in the drone show industry.

Modular Payload System

The Verge Aero X1 drone supports third party peripherals. The LED module can be swapped out for other items weighing under .5 kg.

Safe and Reliable

Manufactured in an ISO9001 & AS9100C certified facility in the USA, the Verge Aero X1 drone combines high quality parts with military grade manufacturing techniques to provide the safest, most reliable operations.

Super Bright RGBW LED

With a max brightness of over 900 lumens, the Verge Aero X1 drone is visible for miles.

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Verge Aero X1 Drone Features

18 minute flight time (13 minute shows with reserve)
Fly show in winds up to 25 MpH (40 Km/h)
Ultra-bright light source (900 lumens at full white)
Strong, carbon fiber frame
Precise positioning (10cm precision)
Redundant radio architechure
Fully scalable platform supports thousands of drones

The future of entertainment

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